Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Painted Kitties

I had so much fun making the Kitties in my latest kit Kitty Kats that I didn't want to stop!?! lol! I put up at thread at Ivy Scraps for people to post photos of their special Kitty and I will make them a custom hand painted element based on the photo. Here is the first one "Smokey" for my friend nelleke. I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out and wanted to show it off .

And here are the next two

I use PS CS5 and I am really loving being able to create unique elements from scratch. I used the pen tool to trace the outline of the cat and some of it's features. I filled the outline with a medium gray color and then painted it using the mixer brush tool. I used the color picker to pick colors from the original photo and adjusted the colors as needed. I love getting more practice in and I love making special things for special people! I really hope nellke gets a kick out of this!!!

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  1. C'est un superbe travail ! J'adore et félicitations !