Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 2011 Color Challenge at Ivy Scraps

Bet you all didn't see this coming........LOL!!! I think moving to the Woods is having a very strong influence on my designs. Just like my designs had a very distinct Southwest flavor when I lived in the desert, I think my designs are going to take a distinct turn towards the Woods!! I can't help but be inspired by all the beauty of Mother Nature that is around me. These colors and the mini kit I made were just itching to be shared. Here are the colors I chose for this month's challenge.

Here is the mini I created as a gift for those who participate in the challenge.

You have to register at Ivy Scraps Forum and have your membership activated by an administrator to be able to view the forum threads and participate in the challenges. Members can find the Color Challenge HERE. Everyone can check out the Color Challenge Gallery HERE. Hope to see you there!!!

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