Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Challenges At Ivy Scraps

There's been so much fun and excitement the last couple weeks with the Designer Contest. Week Two entries are available HERE. WoooHooo! Such fabulous work from all the contestants again this week.

My March 2011 Color Challenge is up. Would love to have you join us HERE and share a layout or create a mini kit to share. Color Challenges are a wonderful way for Scrappers interested in Designing to get some practice and maybe get some recognition!!
This is the color palette this month
This is the FREEBIE mini kit that you get for participating

The March 2011 Newspaper Challenge can be found HERE. This month's inspirations comes from the Comics Section of the newspaper. There are links to free PS comic and sketch effect actions. I can't wait to see what our scrappers come up with this month!!!
Here is my FAV comic/sketch technique. I love it because even though it takes a little extra time, there are no extra filters or actions required. Best of all, the results can be very, very cool!!!

Comic/Sketch Effect Technique for Photoshop

Desaturate photo (cntrl+shift+u) or use a black and white filter on it. Adjust the levels and any other editing that may need to be done.

Duplicate the layer. Try never to work on the original layer.

Filter>Sketch>Photocopy Raise the detail setting till you get enough detail and a good outline of your subject(s) in the photo.

Erase any unwanted parts of the photo or you can extract the subject(s)

Use the magic wand tool to select the white areas of the photo. Click on Select>Similar (cntl+shift+m) Delete or you can use the eraser tool.

On layers beneath, use the airbrush tool and carefully paint back in color. You can use the original photo layer to select the colors. I would increase the saturation of the colors for a more comic like effect. Use a large soft low opacity brush. Use a separate layer for each color or area that you paint. Try to paint each area with one brush stroke. Clean up any overspray and merge.
You can also try a different brush, the watercolor brush gives a nice effect.

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